Toyota has revealed the production version of the second-generation of the Toyota Mirai this week, a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric saloon.

Driving range has been a priority for Toyota on this New Mirai compared to the first generation model and one of the challenges faced has been to go beyond the distances typically achieved by battery electric vehicles.

Built on Toyota’s modular GA-L platform, the car is now longer and wider than before, with more space available for an extra (third) hydrogen fuel tank. This extra hydrogen capacity combined with more power, improved efficiency and better aerodynamics overall has contributed to the new model having a 30% increase in driving range, which is now up to 400 miles.

The GA-L platform has also allowed for a more efficient use of space, with the powertrain layout being reconfigured to allow for 50:50 weight destitution and the fuel cell stack now moved from beneath the cabin to the front compartment. This allows for a more spacious, five-seat interior with improved legroom for rear seat passengers.

The New Toyota Mirai will go on sale in March 2021 and is expected to cost 20% less than the previous generation, therefore set to be in the region of £50,000.