The problem occurs when users find they are unable to scroll the content of a drop-down box by dragging the scroll bar. Drop-down boxes are used in several key places on Comcar to select a vehicle.  Traditionally there was an up and down arrow at the top and bottom of the scroll bar but this has been removed with Chrome's update. Furthermore, when hovering your cursor over the last item in a list it does not change colour in response, causing users to think they cannot select it when in fact they can. This failure in user experience design will hopefully be fixed soon by a Chrome update but in the meantime users must use their mouse wheel (aka scroll-wheel/3rd button) or the up and down arrows on their keyboard to move the content. Laptop users with multi-finger gestures can two-finger swipe south to scroll. 

The problematic auto update started rolling out for Chrome users on Tuesday (14th January 2013) with individuals receiving the update at various times over the past 8 days.  Statistics show that 18% of our web visitors are using Chrome browser on Windows but only some versions are affected.

Google have now fixed this issue with a new update that can be installed now.