Kg CO2 per litre of petrol

Petrol produces 2.3035 kgs of CO2 per litre burnt. The precise figures depend on the quality of the fuel. Since fuel weighs less than a kilogram per litre, it is interesting to see how the weight of emissions is multiplied by the addition of oxygen. The tables below show how the official test figures for CO2 emissions and combined MPG can be equated to see how individual vehicles perform in terms of CO2 per litre. Some cars appear to do better than the standard chemistry would suggest, whereas others do worse. The official tests measure exhaust gases only and then calculate the fuel consumption. So these figures show how far off the recording of test results can be due to errors, rounding differences, and the leeway of around 4% given to manufacturers to decide on which fuel consumption figure to use.

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Top 10 CO2 per litre petrol vehicles
make model derivative CO2 (kg/l) CO2 (gpkm) Litre per 100km MPG (combined)
makeFiatmodelPanda City Crossderivative0.9 TwinAir 85HPCO2kg/l1.4CO2gpkm106Litre per 100km7.59MPG (combined)37.2
makeFiatmodelPanda Wazederivative0.9 TwinAir 85HPCO2kg/l1.4CO2gpkm106Litre per 100km7.59MPG (combined)37.2
makeHondamodelCivic 5 Doorderivative1.0 VTEC Turbo Sport Line 126PS CVTCO2kg/l1.6CO2gpkm107Litre per 100km6.69MPG (combined)42.2
makeBMWmodel2 Series Gran Tourerderivative220i Sport Sport-AutoCO2kg/l1.65CO2gpkm129Litre per 100km7.8MPG (combined)36.2
makeHondamodelCivic 4 Doorderivative1.0 VTEC Turbo EX 126PS CVTCO2kg/l1.65CO2gpkm107Litre per 100km6.49MPG (combined)43.5
makeHondamodelCivic 5 Doorderivative1.0 VTEC Turbo SE 126PS CVTCO2kg/l1.65CO2gpkm107Litre per 100km6.49MPG (combined)43.5
makePorschemodelPanamera Sport Turismoderivative2.9 V6 4S PDKCO2kg/l1.65CO2gpkm187Litre per 100km11.3MPG (combined)25.0
makeSEATmodelLeon EstatederivativeSE Dynamic 1.5 TSI EVO 130PSCO2kg/l1.65CO2gpkm112Litre per 100km6.81MPG (combined)41.5
makeBMWmodel2 Series Active Tourerderivative220i Sport Sport-AutoCO2kg/l1.66CO2gpkm123Litre per 100km7.39MPG (combined)38.2
makePorschemodelPanameraderivative2.9 V6 4S Executive PDKCO2kg/l1.67CO2gpkm187Litre per 100km11.21MPG (combined)25.2
Bottom 10 CO2 per litre petrol vehicles
make model derivative CO2 (kg/l) CO2 (gpkm) Litre per 100km MPG (combined)
makeJeepmodelGrand Cherokeederivative6.2 V8 HEMI TrackHawk Supercharged AutoCO2kg/l2.87CO2gpkm395Litre per 100km13.78MPG (combined)20.5
makeAston MartinmodelVantagederivative4.0 V8 Vantage AMR Hero 503hp AutoCO2kg/l2.76CO2gpkm285Litre per 100km10.31MPG (combined)27.4
makeVolvomodelXC60derivative2.0 B5 (P) AWD Inscription Pro 250hp AutomaticCO2kg/l2.66CO2gpkm162Litre per 100km6.1MPG (combined)46.3
makeAlfa RomeomodelGiuliettaderivative1.4 TB Nero Edizione 120hpCO2kg/l2.65CO2gpkm164Litre per 100km6.19MPG (combined)45.6
makeFordmodelNew Mustang Fastbackderivative5.0 V8 GT 450PS AutoCO2kg/l2.64CO2gpkm290Litre per 100km10.99MPG (combined)25.7
makeVolvomodelXC60derivative2.0 B5 (P) AWD Momentum 250hp AutomaticCO2kg/l2.62CO2gpkm160Litre per 100km6.1MPG (combined)46.3
makeFordmodelNew Transit Connect Double Cab-in-Vanderivative1.0 EcoBoost 220 L1 Trend 100PSCO2kg/l2.6CO2gpkm146Litre per 100km5.6MPG (combined)50.4
makeFordmodelNew Mustang Convertiblederivative5.0 V8 GT 450PS AutoCO2kg/l2.55CO2gpkm299Litre per 100km11.72MPG (combined)24.1
makeJaguarmodelXF Sportbrakederivative2.0 Petrol R-Sport 250PS RWD AutoCO2kg/l2.55CO2gpkm171Litre per 100km6.71MPG (combined)42.1
makeFordmodelNew Mustang Convertiblederivative5.0 V8 GT 450PSCO2kg/l2.52CO2gpkm305Litre per 100km12.12MPG (combined)23.3