Plug-in Grant Levels from March 2016

From 1 March 2016 until 31 March 2018, plug-in grant levels for cars changed from their previous structure. The amount of the grant is based on the environmental performance of the vehicle and we show the current levels for each category below. Beware that these levels may reduce if the amount of funding set aside begins to run out.

Ultra low emission vehicles are placed into 4 categories on the basis of their CO2 emissions and their zero emission range.

The categories were:

CategoryMinimum CO2 (g/km)Maximum CO2 (g/km)Minimum Range (miles)Maximum Range (miles)Grant Amount (£)Maximum price (OTR - Delivery - FRF) (£)
CategoryCategory 1Minimum CO2g/km0Maximum CO2g/km50Minimum Rangemiles70.0Maximum RangemilesNo limitGrant Amount£4,500.00Maximum price (OTR - Delivery - FRF)£No limit
CategoryCategory 2Minimum CO2g/km0Maximum CO2g/km50Minimum Rangemiles10.0Maximum Rangemiles69.0Grant Amount£2,500.00Maximum price (OTR - Delivery - FRF)£60,000.00
CategoryCategory 3Minimum CO2g/km50Maximum CO2g/km75Minimum Rangemiles20.0Maximum RangemilesNo limitGrant Amount£2,500.00Maximum price (OTR - Delivery - FRF)£60,000.00
CategoryVanMinimum CO2g/km0Maximum CO2g/km75Minimum Rangemiles10.0Maximum RangemilesNo limitGrant Amount£8,000.00Maximum price (OTR - Delivery - FRF)£No limit

The grant will be maintained at these levels until 31 March 2018, or until a prescribed number of each type of vehicle have been sold, whichever is sooner.

A price cap for category 2 and 3 vehicles will also operate from 1 March 2016. Vehicles that cost £60,000 and above will no longer be eligible for the grant. There will be a derogation for category 1 vehicles, which will remain eligible for the full grant.

Category One

MakeModelEligible Derivatives
MakeBMWModeli3Eligible Derivatives2
MakeBMWModeli3sEligible Derivatives2
MakeCitroenModelC-ZeroEligible Derivatives1
MakeFordModelFocusEligible Derivatives1
MakeHyundaiModelIONIQEligible Derivatives2
MakeHyundaiModelix35 Fuel CellEligible Derivatives1
MakeJaguarModelI-PaceEligible Derivatives3
MakeKiaModelSoul EVEligible Derivatives1
MakeMercedes-BenzModelB-Class Electric DriveEligible Derivatives6
MakeNissanModele-NV200 CombiEligible Derivatives10
MakeNissanModele-NV200 EvaliaEligible Derivatives4
MakeNissanModelLeafEligible Derivatives6
MakeNissanModelLeaf NewEligible Derivatives5
MakePeugeotModeliOnEligible Derivatives1
MakeRenaultModelZoeEligible Derivatives4
MakeSmartModelelectric driveEligible Derivatives2
MakeTeslaModelModel SEligible Derivatives5
MakeTeslaModelModel XEligible Derivatives3
MakeToyotaModelMiraiEligible Derivatives1
MakeVolkswagenModele-GolfEligible Derivatives1
MakeVolkswagenModele-up!Eligible Derivatives1

Category Two

MakeModelEligible Derivatives
MakeAudiModelA3 Sportback e-tronEligible Derivatives1
MakeBMWModel3 Series Saloon 330eEligible Derivatives1
MakeBMWModel5 Series Saloon 530eEligible Derivatives1
MakeHyundaiModelIONIQ Plug-in HybridEligible Derivatives1
MakeKiaModelNiro PHEVEligible Derivatives1
MakeKiaModelOptima PHEVEligible Derivatives1
MakeKiaModelOptima Sportwagon PHEVEligible Derivatives1
MakeMercedes-BenzModelC-Class 350e PHEV EstateEligible Derivatives1
MakeMercedes-BenzModelC-Class 350e PHEV SaloonEligible Derivatives1
MakeMercedes-BenzModelE-Class 350e PHEV SaloonEligible Derivatives1
MakeMitsubishiModelOutlander PHEVEligible Derivatives1
MakeToyotaModelPruis Plug-in HybridEligible Derivatives1
MakeVolkswagenModelGolf GTEEligible Derivatives1
MakeVolkswagenModelPassat GTEEligible Derivatives1
MakeVolvoModelS90 T8Eligible Derivatives1
MakeVolvoModelV90 T8Eligible Derivatives1

Category Three

MakeModelEligible Derivatives
MakeBMWModelActive Tourer 225xeEligible Derivatives1
MakeMercedes-BenzModelE-Class 350e PHEV SaloonEligible Derivatives1
MakeMiniModelCountrymanEligible Derivatives1
MakeVolvoModelXC60Eligible Derivatives1

Futher information and frequently asked questions regarding the plug-in grant changes for cars can be found on the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) website.